ADAPT BRAND Whats Up.. #2

Written by Pieter Wijnant.

My name is Pieter Wijnant, picked up skating in 1992. At that day I decided that 18 years from now I would be a famous skatemaker. So, 2011 and its finally here.  Not quite sure about the famous, but after 18 years to the day, Adapt Brand is a venture I share with my girlfriend Olga Bouwhuis. This What’s Up is my story on how I get the skate into production before Februari 2012.. So, better sit down for this one, get your popcorn out cause this is going to get ugly.

Today, the 26th of November. I normally should be at a contest today. But I called it off since I feel more like skating street today. We do not have many sunny days in Holland this time of the year, so when its sunny.. I am just not going to a skatepark. Okay, but you are here to read more about the things that are happening with Adapt.

And let me tell you, it has been a good week since the last What’s Up! We received one of the final proto’s and the first one with logos, got a load of plastic to the warehouse to make soulplates and frames. Also we got new laces to test (yes, we even test our laces). So a lot of things are happening at the time.


We need to make some minor changes to the position of the logos, change some little details.. and then the boot is ready!

But the most important thing that happened this week.. We got a little visit from the man that makes the Adapt skates! He and his daughter came over at the warehouse to check if we needed some details changed about the new skate. And since they drove all night long to get here, I offered them a place to eat and sleep at the Adapt house. The guy who makes the skates is so funny, he does not speak the language nor does he even speak the slightest word of English except for.. Yes and No. Thank god his daughter speaks fluent English, she is also the person who I contact when we need to change something about the skate. Olga made this perfect dinner for us, we got to talk a lot about the skates and had some great ideas for future models. I can not say more about this.. but, your feet are going to be pleased!

So, after we got some pictures together with them they went of to bed and so did we..

Ok, now I am lying. We first stared about an hour at our new skates before we went to sleep.

I can tell you the last time I took skates into my bed before going to sleep was when I got my first real “aggressive” Bauer FX frontsides! It made me feel so good about finally getting to make the skate of my dreams. Had to wait a long time to do it.. but it was well worth the wait. I used to worry about these things when I was a kid. That people would stop making skates and I could no longer be able to skate. So I had some ideas for this “doom day of skating”. One was, to find a good skate and buy every skate there was in my size.. the other idea was to make my own skate. I was around 11 years old when I had these ideas.. Well, I can say that rolling has never been stronger then now. So I am glad my doomsday thoughts were wrong.

I hope we can inspire more people with this brand. I know for sure I am going to put everything I have into this brand. If we only reach one kid, one person that likes our skate, looks at it right before going to bed and gives him a dream to create something of his own one day.. that’s the day Adapt will be a success in my eyes. Passing on the dream and the passion for rolling.

Go out and create.. Even if its on a small scale. Create dreams, create passion..

Create the love to roll.

Your rolling buddy, Pieter.


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