Frozen winter @ WINTERCLASH 2012

Written by Pietro Firrincieli.

The weeks before the clash took place, Italy was under a snow storm that froze everything, leaving Nicola Fiorenza's VALO Flow rider stranded in his home town of Jesi Italy. Nicola, J.son Adriani and his brother Gabriel were supposed to join him for a small tour before the days of the comp.

That's what prompted Nico to come to Milan and take the flight with us from there, but J.son forgot his ID so in the end Nico, Gabriel and I spent the night in bruxell waiting for J.son until the next morning.

The first stop of our tour was the Forward Freestyle skatepark, which is actually lost and nowhere to be found because of the snow. We had a quick lunch outside the park while waiting for someone to open the doors and let us in, once inside we played pool and started a session doing a game of B.L.A.D.E. on the kink box killing it and having fun.

We were supposed to spend two days at the forward skatepark, even though the session was pretty good but the weather wasn't helping at all, the park was freezing cold so we decided to move on, I called Serena an old friend of mine and we end up in Den Haag were she cooked us up some delicious Sicilian meatballs, nothing better than Italian food. After eating dinner we spend the night in this marvelous attic that she has been fixing up where she will live soon with her boyfriend Vincent, talk about a crib, that place was awesome.

The next morning we were supposed to go to Rotterdam to skate at Skate-land skatepark but after checking online and seeing that the park wouldn't open till 6pm that day, we decided to chill in the attic playing guitar and relaxing. Later that evening after eating some awesome kebab's we made our way to Eindhoven home of the WINTERCLASH 2012.

On our way to Eindhoven we encountered a lot traffic that made us getto Area 51 skatepark at 7 p.m, Nico, J.son and Gabriel put their skates on right away and skated the park with skaters form all over the world, warming up for what was about to be a great comp the next day.


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