Franky Morales/BladerGang

Written by 9TO5Mixtapes.

9TO5Mixtapes brings you behind the scenes of Franky Morales music life right here in Miami Flroida

Behind the scenes studio session with Franky Morales and Bezz Believe at Studio Center in Miami, Fl.
Filmed and Edited By : Erick Rodriguez
Music Produced By : Big Mike
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Michel Prado Flow Rider for XSJADO

Written by 2012 UWR/XJSADO Profile.



BCN, BARCELONA Spain, every ROLLERBLADERS skate dream, a city with more stuff to skate than any other place on earth. As many of you can see more and more people have been filming Videos, Edits, Sections you name it in this wonderful city, a city where you will never skate alone, no matter what time of day or night you can get a session going with some "AWESOME" rollers. Make sure you join our social community and join the group "Rollers de BCN" to find out whos skating and where.
In our second BCN profile edit of 4 we are happy to present a XSJADO flow rider, a Brazilian skater whos style is pretty sweet, im glad I got to become his friend and got the chance to make him his first XSJADO profile edit and asked him a few questions about his skating life. United World Rolling is glad to introduce you to one of the best skaters in BCN Michel Prado.


Michel Prado

This is a UWR exclusive interview.
John Goez: Tell me a little about you.
Michel Prado: My name is Michel Prado im 21 and was born in Brazil.
John Goez: How many years have you been skating Michel?
Michel Prado: 4 years, started in 2007.
John Goez: Why did you start blading, what made you want to blade?
Michel Prado: Most of all my friends bladed when I lived in Brazil and I always fantasized about it, but in the city I lived in Brazil it was hard much more like impossible to have a pair of skates, the price of a pair of skates was just crazy in my city and country. When we made that huge move from Brazil to Spain I was determine to have a pair of skates, I asked my dad to drive me around until I saw bladers at this skatepark called Sant Feliu. I then met one of the nicest bladers I have met to today, OG Oli Benet, he helped me out by telling me to join this group on FB called x-crews that I would find anything there, and thats where my first pair of skates came from.
John Goez: what skates did you get?
Michel Prado: RB DT4^^
John Goez: after getting those skates, what was your first trick?
Michel Prado: lol I remember that day like it was yesterday, it's funny because it was on the same place I busted my ass trying to do a makio, should have tried a soul.
John Goez: Even after busting your ass and hurting yourself, after 4 years what makes you want to skate more and more?
Michel Prado: Well ever since I started 4 years ago I met a group of bladers who have been my best friends till today, they are the same people who I go out with to parties, movies, hang out with etc if I wouldn't have met them or put them blades on, who knows what I would have been up to, im sure that every "BLADER" is the same. Another reason is if you work hard enough you can get sponsor and have a chance to travel to compete with the best bladers in the planet but one of the best reasons I still do it its because of this skater girl called Anna Go, she told me to skate for fun that's the GUERREROS way, "ROLL WITH FEELING"
John Goez: Whats your favorite trick?
Michel Prado: I've never had one but everytime I go and blade, I always make sure I practice these 3 tricks, 270 unity,ao fish,true top porstar.
John Goez: Once again im gonna stop asking skating questions and ask you if you like "GIRLS"?
Michel Prado: HAHAHA I love girls specially skater chicks and I want to say that im single if any girl is interested in a Brazilian skater guy, hit me up on United World Rolling or FB I wanted to let the skater chicks that I have lots of respect for all of you, specially (Sara,anna y mery.)
John Goez: What is it that you want from this sport and what do you love most about it?
Michel Prado: I just want to keep progressing, getting better and better at rails, gaps, switch ups you name it. I like getting that rush before you do a trick knowing that you might but your ass but who cares, going home and relaxing after knowing that everything came out great, knowing that no amount of $$$ can by that happiness that I just felt.
John Goez: You have a favorite pro skater?
Michel Prado: I would say yes, David Zesimore because he has smooth steez and has every trick on lock.
John Goez: Davis Zesimore, to bad his ego got to big!!!
Michel Prado: lol
John Goez: skating wise, Spain or Brazil?
Michel Prado: I think both places are great but BCN is the place to be for the moment, even though Brazil has a ton of skateparks :) but more and more bladers are coming here to BCN to skate and get footage and have a great time, we also had the POWERHOUSE sponsored by The Conference.
John Goez: how many languages you speak?
Michel prado: Only 2 for the moment, Spanish and Portuguese.
John Goez: do you like the setup that you're riding now?
Michel Prado: Ya its awesome, at first it was weird because I never tried on such a skate like XSJADO but once you find that feeling you are good to go.
John Goez: Have you competed in any competition so far?
Michel Prado: Yes, I've competed in a few comps and against big names and im grateful for that, some of the skater are YURI BOTELHO,JEFFERSON SANTANA,DANIEL GOMEZ,MARC MORENO,MAX JUBIN,STEPHANE ALFANO,ADRIEN ANNE,RICHIE EISLER and OLI BENET.
John Goez: How many more years you think you will keep this up?
Michel Prado: Never thought about this, hopefully it will be forever as long as my body can handle it.
John Goez: Do you want to give a shout out to anyone?
Michel Prado: I want to thank everyone who has helped me out, Family, Friends, XSJADO, in-Gravity and everyone who makes our sport grow United World Rolling.


Photograpy by Alex Miro.


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BARCELONA BCN Crew good times.

Written by E Z GOEAZY.

BCN=BARCELONA SPAIN, the "MECCA" of the skating world, a city and country known for its rich history but for us "ROLLERS" a gigantic skate plaza. I decided to take a trip this winter and see what everyone who has been their is talking about, I have heard stories about perfect skate spots that you wont even get thrown or chased out of, but can BCN have more stuff or even come close to CALIFORNIA!! the answer is yes. I've seen what Cali has but doesnt come close to BCN, this place is paradise the perfect skate "COUNTRY"

Everywhere I went in this city of Barcelona I saw skate spots, from Rails to gaps to ledges to everything that you have always wonder or thought or dreamed about, it exists in Barcelona.  I met up with the BCN Crew and GUERREROS crew, GUERREROS means WARRIORS in spanish, but why this name? I soon find out that "GUERREROS" fell short of a name for this increidable crew but thats another article coming soon.


I met a Russian skater from the BCN and GUERREROS crew by the Name of Daniel Skerzn a Russian who moved to Spain, Daniel has been skating for 5 years, he is only 21. Daniel a.k.a Ruso what he is called in Spain started at the age of 16 in his home country of Russia. Before skating he played professional water polo for a team in Russia.

I went ahead and asked him where he gets his skating inspiration and steez from and what made him put on a pair of blades and here is what he said.

John Goez: what made you want to skate?
Daniel: I was always fascinated with how inline skates looked and worked, tried a pair on and bombed a hill in my home town in Russia, after going really fast and t-stopping I was hooked.
John Goez: what were your first pair of skates?
Daniel: USD Josh Petty, that dude was amazing in his time.
John Goez: What was your first trick ever on blades?
Daniel: I remember going really fast and trying to disaster soul this ledge, I thought the faster I went the easier it would be for me to keep my balance and be done with the trick, I was wrong!!!
John Goez: After 5 years of skating, what makes you still want to skate everyday how you guys do here in Barcelona?
Daniel: Its my life, its a challenge going out and skating everyday trying to get better and better, im not competing with anyone except myself and that's it.
John Goez: whats your favorite trick?
Daniel: I have lots, one of my favorites is Hurricane TopSouls specially on ledges.
John Goez: lets go off track from skating questions, do you like girls? im asking because most Rollerbladers like dudes with tight pants and emo cuts.
Daniel: hahahaha Yes I love girls, I dont discriminate against no one, if dudes in tight pants are what your into, so be it.
John Goez: Do you have a favorite pro skater?
Daniel YES, Colin Kelso
John Goez: Where do you enjoy skating more, in Russia or Spain?
Daniel: Here in my new country of Spain, the spots here are unique unlike anywhere else i've been to, Its to Cold in Russia and the weather here is perfect.
John Goez: How many languages you speak?
Daniel: 3 so far, Russian, English and Spanish but going to learn 2 more, thats how Europeans do it lol
John Goez: What setup do you have and do you like it?
Daniel: I have Carbon Free Eisler's with Kizer Frames and Undercover USD wheels, my dream setup so far.

John Goez: What are your skating goals, how many more years you see yourself skating Daniel?
Daniel: To travel, to meet every Roller possible to learn as many tricks before time catches up to me, I would say I see myself skating still at 50 if everything goes good.
John Goez: Daniel you have anything you want to say to all the young kids that are starting out?
Daniel: Buy USD nothing else, greatest skates ever.

Daniel Skerzn

place of birth: Russia

Age: 21


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Rollerblade High School: Popularity and the Great Divide

Written by Dave-Bloom.

Welcome to the high school that is, rollerblading. Popularity is a winning technique used by those engaging in the highest form of “the game.” Some people have graduated already, but continue to hang out in hopes to hold onto the role of that older guy with the cool car. Others have moved on, gone to college, continued to learn, and occasionally drop by for a visit with some old friends. A few have even returned permanently in the role of a teacher. What happened to those kids who were straight-A students, got all the girls, and wore the varsity jackets? Most have gone onto bigger and better things, taking the values and lessons they learned in this great high school and worked it into some sort of success in the outside world. Just like any other high school we see students come and go, those who move in the middle of their educational career, some who never finish, and some who go on and make a name for themselves in all that is beyond.

As a freshman, I was obsessed with grabbing everybody’s attention. Some say I was the class clown, more about doing odd things and setting myself apart rather than just fitting in with the cool kids. I was from the other side of town, so I didn’t have all of the luxuries everyone else seemed to have. My skates were earned, my clothes paid for with my own money, and I had to walk to school. No tires spinning for this guy. But, even with all that seemed to stand against me I had a pretty good reputation. Most people at school played either varsity, or hung on the jocks of those who were lucky enough to be starters in every one of the big games. Why should it matter if one guy had a letter on his jacket while others didn’t even have the privilege of owning one? To some of us, it didn’t matter in the least. After all, we were all here for the same reason.

Life was pretty great back then. Even guys like me who didn’t play varsity sports had it in with the girls and shouldered a reputation that granted benefits for all. But, nowadays things are extremely different. The school’s attendance record is way down and there are rivalries coming from every direction. Those who graduate have a hard time getting into colleges, let alone finding work at even the worst of jobs. I guess I am glad I graduated so long ago, because when I look at things now it seems to be so hard. Something else has changed. Drama never used to exist. Or, at least not on this level. Sure, there were the two main streets in town, Senate Boulevard and FRst, and they were always getting into it. But, other than that everyone seemed to get along.

Now, before I get lost in a tangent on what the problem is all about or why it even exists at all, I must let you know that I graduated from this school eleven years ago. Only recently did I move back in town and see what had been going on. I got this great job that allows me to travel and I bring back many stories to share. But, regardless of how much culture is introduced into these high schoolers lives they always seem to find an issue. It’s as though every street has a gang and they are willing to yell and scream and dish out punishment at a moments notice without taking into account that they, being every single high schooler in town, are all here for the same reason.

Sure, times have changed, new technology has been introduced to the world, people have grown up and had kids of their own that went to the very same school, and people have even moved from all over because they thought the education here is good. But, the drama is driving some of these people away. Those who stay often get hurt in the crossfire. I don’t get it. Why can’t people find common ground and celebrate differences. I mean if they looked deep enough I bet they would find out that we are all not too different after all. But, I guess those are just the woes of Rollerblade High School.

Written By Dave Bloom


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Whats the Point of United World Rolling Anyway?

Written by E Z GOEAZY.

I know a lot of people are still asking this question. I'll be short and to the point. When you really look at it, for years Rollerblading has seemed to shut out many other countries. Only recently has USD and other teams begun to visit places like South America. For the most part, there is an invisible barrier of exclusivity within our sport and lifestyle as a whole. There are pros and am's throughout the world who kill it, but yet it seems only the ones in the US get any recognition. Maybe people fear the language differences. I'm sure we've all visited other sites where if someone posts in their native language, people poke fun and say "speak English". At United World Rolling we don't care what language you speak because we're all here for the same thing. WE LOVE TO ROLL!! And that's what it should be about in the first place. Most ROLLERBLADERS aren't skating at a pro/am level and don't try to be. We just love the way it feels to roll around, to jump things, to grind a ledge or rail. Its the feeling we get just trying on a new pair of skates or to have a fun session with our friends. Some of us love it so much when we see a girl that skates good, we think it makes her like 10 times hotter. I know sometimes country politics affect us and we think different, but one country is not better than the others. We all have blades on our feet and want to keep rolling no matter how old we get. To EAT, SLEEP, DREAM and SHIT ROLLERBLADING FOREVER!!

...and at United World Rolling we want to do just that, united bladers around the world because we love this shit!! So no matter where you're from or what you prefer to session, go ahead.. post your pics, videos, share spots and events. Show the world YOU EXIST.

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unmac-clothing - clothing for riders EST. 2010 in Hamburg, Germany

Written by E Z GOEAZY.





August 2010 startet das geradezu revolutionäre Projekt, mit dem wir den Markt aufwirbeln werden.
Größten Wert legen wir bei unseren Produkten auf Authentizität und Einzigartigkeit.
Ständig neue Ideen zu entwickeln ist das, was unsere Designer zu jeder Zeit antreibt.
Wir möchten dabei bewusst einen eigenen Weg jenseits des Mainstreams gehen.

unmac-clothing möchte sich von den anderen abheben, indem wir auf Massenproduktion verzichten
und auf eigene Schnittmuster setzen. Eine hochwertige Qualität steht im Fokus unseres täglichen
Handelns, und selbstverständlich möchten wir dabei vor allem auf die Wünsche unserer Kunden eingehen.
Jederzeit haben wir daher ein offenes Ohr für Kritik, ob nun positiv oder negativ. Wir möchten,
dass unsere Kunden zufrieden und begeistert von unseren trendigen und farbenfrohen Produkten sind.

Stetig werden wir unser Vertriebsnetz erweitern, so dass jeder auch direkt vor
seiner Haustür die Möglichkeit haben wird, unsere limitierten und einzigartigen Produkte zu erwerben.
unmac-clothing steht für einen sportlich-lockeren und dennoch extrem stylischen neuen Kleidungsstil für
alle aktiven Menschen.

Das Rollerblade Team endstand 2011.
Teamfaherer sind bis zum jetztigen Zeitpunkt:

- Melvin Siemianowski
- Dennis Frenzen
- Fedor Simonov
- Jan Niehues
- Jan Navitski
- Nelio Santo

- noch geheim
- noch geheim

Die Fahrer, die sich ausserordentlich ins Zeug legen und in den letzten Contesten wahrlich sehr
gute Ergebnisse erzielen konnten, sind mitlerweile nicht nur ein Team. Man könnte auch von hervorragenden
familiären Verhälnissen sprechen!
Es sind explezit in der Rollerblade Szene einige grosse Projekte geplant die nur mit euch Funktionieren!

Es werden natürlich immer neue Berichte für euch erstellt um euch auf dem laufenden zu halten.

Euer unmac-clothing Team

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Entitlement of Freestyle Rolling: The Current Dilemma

Written by Dave Bloom.

Close your eyes and imagine that it is still the middle of the 90s. Lightning guitar solos have been replaced by distorted minor chords, party beats have been replaced with tales of the streets, everyone is starting to cut their hair, and rollerblading is on top of the world. Already remarked as the fastest growing sport in the world, every Johnny and Suzie is picking up a pair of neon colored Rollerblade brand inline skates with complementary matching kneepads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. On the dangerous side of things kids have taken to the streets to form the newest trend in extreme sports – Aggressive Inline Skating. Sponsorship deals are being thrown around like candy as brands are popping up left and right. Hyper Wheels, Kryptonics, Senate, Roces, K2, and Rollerblade, just some of the many brands already capitalizing on this ever-growing market. Will this dream ever end? It seems as though this is the future. Deep within the background, shaded in little Johnny’s garage is his Mongoose bike complete with pegs from Toys R Us right along side his Double Vision skateboard. Those are some sports that will never take off. Just look at the way things are going. Rollerblading is a sport that no one will ever put down.


Now, fast-forward your mind fifteen years later. Athletes like Tony Hawk, Shawn White, Travis Pastrana, and Dave Mirra have all capitalized on their success by branding their own name and creating a spotlight from what was once a niche market. The X-Games have transformed from a simple side show of random acts of insanity to the heart throbs of today’s “alternative” sports coming out for a showing twice a year to capture the world’s attention with logos plastered all about their bodies. Shawn White gum being chewed as little Johnny, dressed in his Tony Hawk threads from Kohl’s, cheers on Travis Pastrana as he races around in his Subaru rally car. In the lane just behind him is former BMX half-pipe megastar, Dave Mirra. Who will win? The real question is, who cares? Well, that is simple. Just check out every Hot Topic, every lunch box, every television station. Who cares? Everyone! . . . And, where is rollerblading in all of this? “What’s rollerblading? People still do that? Aggressive-Inline-what? Freestyle rolling? Does that involve rolling around on the floor? Is that anything like skateboarding?” Does this all sound familiar to you? Or, maybe you’ve heard this one before… “Why isn’t rollerblading in the X-Games anymore? We deserve the spotlight.” But, do we?


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Written by Art of Rolling.

Years ago when our seeds were planted into this world we were known as rollerbladers. The world had no internet or emails nor text messages but in many ways we connected through out passion of rolling around and gliding through the streets. Although Rollerblading stems from the 1700's it wasn't until the early 90's that people felt the need to express themselves in a manner which would now be known as Aggressive Inline. Our roots were deep in the ground and our sport started to grow. It grew so much that it had quickly became one of the biggest extreme sports in the mainstream's eye for a good 7 years. At this time you can say our aggressive inline tree was sprouting out of the floor and just about everyone marveled at it. Slowly but surely many branches of companies stemmed out the tree and quickly gave birth to smaller companies/teams that made up the multiple leaves that spread out from the tree.

However, we don't point any fingers in any direction to claim why our subculture really went downhill from our peak but to view it from an outside perspective- what goes up must come down. Let's look deeper into the more unknown perspective of what took place when our tree lost its spotlight. Many of the bigger brands of the time including Panasonic, Fila, Levi, etc. came into our sport to offer quality products at an affordable price. With that, many of our less well-off companies took huge hits and quickly disappeared. Other skate company owners took notice of the bigger corporations coming into our sport and quickly leaving our sport. Very noticeable was the damage that they left behind and the smaller loyal skate company leaders took notes for future reference on how this industry would be runned till this day.

It is important to understand how, when a bigger corparation comes into the picture that the smaller local companies suffer. When a big company like Levi Jeans tries to get into the action, smaller companies that offer the same product get blown out of the box. It takes dedication and loyal skaters to support the smaller companies but by the time Levi Jeans comes into the picture you best believe there are a thousand more kids into the sport. This a good thing however the newer skaters will have no education of supporting whom rightfully deserves it. A few good examples would be Nike made NIKE SB which is one of the most sought after skateboarding sneaker. However the majority of the skateboarders that pre-date the explosion of the skateboarding reoccurrence back into the media would never support something like NIKE because they know of how many little companies stood with skateboarding throughout out the years but now get tossed aside because of huge popular brands.

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