SJR 2012 *Ride with Me

Written by 2012URS.

My name is Shawn Rodriguez & I have been Blading My whole Life. A big part of Rolling to Me is about Courage. The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure and Courage gives me the power to let go of the familiar sense of fear to Let Go and Be Free. To be able to have the Strength to Fall 7 times and Get Up 8 or going from Obstacle to Obstacle dealing with failure or frustration without ever losing losing Enthusiasm or Love for our Sport. RollerBlading Makes me who I truly am and Gives me Peace & Discipline. I Truly Love it & Everything it has brought into my Life with aLL my Heart. **Special Thanks to my Brother RIck Rodriguez and David Jenkins for Filming and to BLADERTOWN for a great 2012! Also Shout Outs to ZEUS WHEELS, HAMER BLADING MAGAZINE, RISE ABOVE, A CHOSEN FEW, ROLLER WAREHOUSE & SDSF Ob for all of your Support.

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We Tour 2012 Intro

Written by Andrei Vladescu.

The 4th Official We Tour.
22 july - 07 august 2012.
Rollerbladers from 3 continents, 8 countries.

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