Aaron Pyle- Weekend In Pittsburgh

Written by Hawke Trackler.

Aaron and I went to Pittsburgh to visit our friends Bruce Bales, Shane Conn and Cody Reffner and skate the cool spots that Pittsburgh has to offer. It was a great time and a good vibe as it always is with the Yinzers haha. Aaron killed it while we were there and even tho it was really hot and he fell hard a few times he was still able to walk away with enough clips for a weekend section. enjoy

additional filming- Bruce Bales

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WNS Madison [08.29.12]

Written by Bander Saleh.

would like to thank all the norcal heads that showed up to Wednesday Night Skate this week. enjoy the edit

Shot in Oakland, CA

Filmed + Edited by Bander Saleh

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Salomon Street Team Video

Written by Beau Cottington.

Salomon Team video I did in 2003 I think... ? It was used in a media kit separated into sections and never released in entirety. I produced the whole soundtrack myself which was a first for me. Features Brandon Campbell, Rob Thompson, Billy Prislin, Brian Hamm, Chance Dustan, Jimmy Shuda, and others. This video is not the finished version, my master tapes are lost and this is from a tape Billy Prislin had stored away. In this version Vinny Minton had not turned in his footage yet, but he has a section in the finished video. Also I had only done color correction on a few select clips, so this is like a 3/4 draft version. Hopefully I will find the original master tape with the complete video soon. Big thanks to Billy Prislin for digging up the tape out of his archive for me. Thumbnail shot is B.Cam with an impossible 360 over a tall fence in Santa Barbara, CA.

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Rollerblade Spanish Team 2012 / Andres Morales

Written by Rollerblade Spanish Team.

Andres Morales es el cuarto patinador del equipo Rollerblade, a sus 28 años es un patinador ya consagrado y con reconocimiento de la escena nacional.
Aquí tenéis el video presentación de Andres,disfrutando de sus Rollerblade Solo Estilo SB y de las calles de Madrid.Mejor combinación imposible !

Bienvenido a la familia Rollerblade Andres !

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