Carson Starnes Southern Scum Quickie

Written by southernscum.

Carson Starnes has been down for the SS for quite a bit now. His blading is what we like to consider a hidden gem. It is very rare to see him doing the typical tricks. If it is not one of the most creative ways to use his skates, it is a classic hammer that usually leaves the observers jaw dropped. He is a very talented gentlemen and brings an awful lot of talent and charisma to the pack. You will be able to see alot of coverage of him this season with some random appearances in the new RZRS dvd and a side project with 285source dot com. We at SS are proud to have Carson as part of the family and wish nothing but the best for him, his blading, and future. Here is a small rendention of what classy blading looks like. Hats off to you Carson. Bark at the moon.

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Chris Padilla

Written by John Goez.

OG Chris Padilla has been BLADING since the early 90's
He started BLADING in NYC with Jose Disla, Jon Ortiz, Ray Mendez and plenty more of the original OG. He then moved to South Florida where he become pro, ASA pro in 1999, he still continues to BLADE, he is 34 and going hard.
Here is a small United World Rolling Profile
Filmed and Edited by
Graphic Design by
Ma Gaby

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Troy Maimone 2012

Written by Jordan Smith.

Troy has been holding it down and myself and the other Texas guys pulled our clips together to put this together.

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